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Voltage Multipliers

A world leader in the design and production of high voltage diodes, multipliers and power supplies.

VOLTAGE MULTIPLIERS INC. was incorporated in December 1980 to design, manufacture and market high voltage semiconductor products. VMI initially designed and produced high voltage multipliers. The addition of high voltage diode manufacturing capabilities led the way to expanding our facilities and product lines to include custom high voltage power supplies.

Company Profile

The nature of VMI’s business requires a high degree of engineering service and follow-up customer support. VMI’s products are custom designed for military, industrial, medical, aerospace and other high-reliability applications operating at the leading edge of known technology.

The general market for VMI products is semiconductor power conversion devices, assemblies and systems. VMI has developed some of the world’s fastest switching rectifiers, and our growing product line of custom high voltage power supplies is being utilized in various applications worldwide.

Single Phase Rectifier
VMI’s single phase bridges are assembled with VMI diodes, then encapsulated in a rigid epoxy

Products & Services

Voltage Multipliers 10kV to 25kV Optocouplers
10kV to 25kV Optocouplers.

When you look for high voltage power supply designers, important things to consider include the company’s methods of design verification, prototype capability, design-for-manufacturability skills, the ability to transition from prototype to production scale, and standard and custom testing.

At VMI, we are committed to quality and service. We are here to assist you throughout the production process, from design development to production manufacturing. We offer extensive testing, design verification, production support and custom design services.

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Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

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Power Connection represents CA, NV, WA, OR, ID and British Columbia for Voltage Multipliers, Inc., and would be eager to discuss any current or future applications you are working on. The factory can be contacted directly as well, using the following contact information:

Phone: (559) 651-1402
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Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
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