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Connectronics Corp

High-Voltage, High-Current and Extreme Environment Interconnects

Connectronics Corp was founded in 1988 to design and manufacture connectors, cables, and interconnection systems for a variety of industries. Their management staff has over 300 years of combined experience in such diverse fields as avionics, analytical tools, aerospace, medical, nuclear, underwater, radar, oil exploration, electronic countermeasures and more.

Company Profile

Connectronics Corp was founded in 1988 to design and manufacture specialized connectors and interconnection systems for a variety of industries. Since our inception, we have strived to provide our customers with products of the highest quality and reliability. Our company wide-ideal of continual product and process improvement, coupled with management’s commitment to excellence, has been instrumental in our rapid growth.

Connectronics' mission is to provide value to their customers through innovative designs and solutions, quality products and services, a job done right the first time, reliability of products and services, a strive to exceed expectations, a philosophy of continuous improvement and a company-wide commitment to excellence.

Connectronics Corp is an ISO 9001:2000 + AS9100B certified company. This certification is intended for use in any organization which designs, develops, manufactures, installs and/or services any product or provides any form of service. It provides a number of requirements which an organization needs to fulfill if it is to achieve customer satisfaction through consistent products and services which meet customer expectations.

Products & Services

Connectronics Corp
Special Space-Environment Connectors.

Connectronics' extensive selection of product lines includes high-voltage connectors, high-current connectors, underwater cables and connectors, and an endless range of specialized interconnectors.

For the latest product information and data please visit the Connectronics Corp website:


*Connectronics is a sister company of Wiremax and both are members of Heico Corporation's Electronic Technologies Group.

Contact Information

Power Connection represents the eleven western states for Connectronics, and would be eager to discuss any current or future applications you are working on. The factory can be contacted directly as well, using the following contact information:

Phone: (800) 965-0020
Fax: (419) 537-0007
Email: info@connectronicscorp.com

Online At: www.connectronicscorp.com
Headquarters Address:
2745 Avondale Ave
Toledo, OH 43607, USA

Mailing & Remit To Address:
PO Box 3355
Toledo, OH 43607, USA